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Faculty & Staff Directory

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Name Position Phone
Amber, Taylor 4th Grade
Boots, Bentley 3rd Grade
Carmien, Chelsea School Nurse
Cole, Yvonne Title 1
Dirck, Francesca NEISEC
Fish, Darcy 5th Grade
Folland, Pam Counselor
Freeman, Elizabeth Treasurer/Clerical Assistant
French, Charity Title 1
Frymier, Craig Albion Elementary Custodian
Gaerte, Deb Instructional Assistant
Gibbons, Dan 5th Grade
Homan, Brynn 3rd Grade
Hosted, Kandi 4th Grade
Knipper, Jared Principal
Knox, Katy Library
McKinney, Anna Speech Therapist 260-636-7538 ext 5102
Muckenfuss, Karen 4th Grade
O'Brien, Moriah 5th Grade
Parker, Kari Resource Room
Patton, Courtney Instructional Assistant
Price, Julianna Music
Rees, Scott Physical Education
Rimmel, Lisa Clerical Assistant
Rowe, Leah Title 1
Shrader, Dawn 3rd Grade
Sieber, Debra 5th Grade
Stone, Nancy 3rd Grade
Thornsbearry, Nicci Instructional Assistant
Todd, Pamela 4th Grade
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